Webapp – the company, which serves more than 100 businesses in Georgia. this project is great example of how work for our clients. First gerogian saas which said and did.

We created the whole road map of the project, our project managers work as hard as it was possible to create most powerful tool for the sphere of beauty salons, aesthetic centers and clinics. the result is sparkling. every day we see nec customers of webapp, which directly means “our customers” as much as any their need, needs to become to reality and our software developers work hard for fulfilment on time.

We studied whole market, saw the needs of the potential customers, questioned them, hired lots of people while testing on the spots and as a result, we took the best software from Georgia for Georgians. as we said, WebApp already servers more than 100 company and we are proud to be the healers of the project, which makes easier to live and work for thousands of people.